Weight Management

Weight management is the smartest way of achieving healthy lifestyle. It demands a balance of healthy eating and physical exercise and proper amount of rest as well. Healthy lifestyle or proper weight management is not only succor to prevent and control health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or cancer type of disease but it is very essential and contribute a crucial role for you if you are considering to conceive.


Managing weight in pregnancy


In pregnancy managing weight is not all about starving or trying to lose weight. It is about looking after yourself and your developing baby in your womb by eating healthy and staying yourself active. It is also important to have a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, it will help you feel better, achieve right amount of weight and facilitate your baby a great environment to grow inside your womb. The balance weight management is also significant for healthier pregnancy and safer birth. It is a comprehensive and considerable factor to curtail the risk of possible health problems for you and your prospective baby.


Reason of weight gain during pregnancy


Pregnancy brings on lots of change in women’s body such as extra fat and aggravation in blood volume which is an important health factor for you and your baby. Though some women use dieting to control their weight at this time, but It is not beneficial for them; in fact it can create lots of problem not only in pregnancy and in your baby but also post pregnancy as well. Hence, just don’t try to lose extra weight while you are pregnant because this is not in favor of you and your baby.


Following are the things which aggregately responsible for putting weight when you are expecting:


  • Your baby

  • Increased blood volume that you need

  • The placenta

  • Growing breast during pregnancy

  • The amniotic fluid (water surrounding your baby)

  • Storage of extra fat

  • Natural fluid retention


The Nurture clinic in Delhi led by Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj, an experience Obstetrician, Gynecologist and IVF specialist facilitates extensive weight management program. During pregnancy everyone needs to manage their weight but it is crucial to know whether you are overweight or underweight to start with. If you are either of them, our team of expert looking after you will be aware of this and help you through our specialize weight management program to eat well and reduce the risk to you and your baby.