An old adage says, “A peaceful mind is the place of heaven”. Women who are under constant stress and pressure generate prolactin, cortisol and other hormones that have propensity to impede or block regular ovulation. Sounds weird but it is true, stress can devastate your hormonal balance and other conditions.

IVF is considered as stressful as a roller coaster ride. The toughest part during the IVF procedure is to keep oneself calm, relaxed and positive. It is emotionally exhausting too. The drugs and the treatment followed in the procedures is something beyond your control. However you can control your attitude and maintain your positivity with the help of meditation.

Meditation plays an important role in joining the bridge between mind and body connection. It helps your mind to clear its ever-processing thought and mitigate the accumulated stress and induce a peaceful state of mind which is the first step in manifesting your pregnancy.

Benefits of meditation

  • It mitigates stress from each and every day of your medicated cycle.

  • Particular visualization for IVF or IUI cycle substantially reduces stress and leverages your natural mind-body connection.

  • It alleviates stress that may be obstructing your ability to conceive.

  • It has incredible potential to bring about physical response to improve fertility and well-being.

  • It can educate you how to use your brain to connect with body through guided visualization and release an accumulated stress and stiffness in your mind.

  • It is an effective, elixir and relaxing “massage” for your mind that gives you greater control over your body and health.

  • How to meditate

    Mediation is the simplest form of exercise you can perform anywhere and at the ease of your comfort. Sit comfortably on the floor or bed. Take some deep breath and clear your mind. Keep exhaling and inhaling and focus on your breath. Don’t fight with the thoughts that invade your mind, let them pass by as it comes. Just assume you are inhaling positivity and exhaling negativity out of our body and mind. You can start meditating for couple of minutes and gradually increase to the amount of time you spent in meditation as per your comfort level.

    Breath is one of the most essential nutrients of the body and has its own significance in meditation. We breathe in oxygen which is a vital component to sustain life. Learn how to breathe deeper because the deeper you breathe the quicker you heal.