Diet Counselling

If you want to rocket your chances of conceiving whether naturally or with IVF, a nutritious and well-balanced healthy diet will never let you down. Diet and nutrition is the best way for women to prepare her for pregnancy and fertility treatment.


Nurture Clinic is pioneered by an eminent IVF specialist Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj who is also the chief consultant, obstetrician, gynecologist and fertility expert, divulges the most appropriate and result-generating medical nutrition therapy that exhaustively impart a significant role in management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), insulin resistance and hormone balance that put you on the course of achieving a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), which may affect your ability to conceive.


Our expert dietician and diet counsellor work closely with you to provide the most appropriate and personalized nutrition counselling and dietary plan that specially carved out for your requisition to achieve great health and healthy pregnancy.


Following are the key topic embraced in diet counselling:


  • Fertility and immunity boosting foods: It covers the point about what to eat and what to avoid for enhancing body internal immunity and strength that affect your fertility subsequently.

  • Nutrition: Tell you about the key nutrients, vitamins and minerals for both male and female partner.

  • Improve diet naturally: Our expert dietician will give you abundant of knowledge about how to improve your diet in a natural manner so that the body could avoid harmful chemicals and pollutants that eventually mar your health and fertility.

  • Food to reduce stress: Right selection of food can diminish stress level considerably. Our counselling provides knowledge about super foods that help to reduce stress.

  • Gaining energy: It is important to know how about the diet that helps to increase energy, vitality and mental clarity.

  • Omega-3: Having proper amount of omega-3 in your diet promotes cycle regulation and promotes fertility.

  • Importance of BMI: The secret of regular ovulation and augmented IVF success rate lies in maintaining a healthy BMI.


Diet counselling provided by Nurture Clinic expert reveals prospective areas where diet and nutritional deficiency can occur within you. At the end, you will be given your own personal nutrition report with recommended alteration need to be done, also a nutrition and vitamin table from which you can design your own customize diet plan that improves your health and well being. We feel privilege to serve you with all our dedicated effort and guide you towards a good health and fertility.